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More Appealing than Chocolate & Peanut Butter? Make a Brand That Sticks

The first two lessons are all about WHO you are, WHO you help and HOW you help them. You want to be more appealing than chocolate and peanut butter when it comes to attracting people to your door ...


Where You Need to Be Online (& Where You Waste Your Time)

Becoming a recognized authority does mean you have a web presence but it doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money or time on it ... three simple things to do to get big results for little bucks.


And Then There's Lesson 4

This is my little trade secret ... I hate elevator pitches and other awkward sales techniques. Here's how you can avoid all that weirdness and still get people interested in what you do.


Buying Authority - Do's & Don'ts

There are times when it makes sense to dust off the company VISA and pay for some prime space ... but most of the time you're better off bootstrapping your way to authority. You'll know when to spend and when to save at the end of this lesson.


Rinse & Repeat

What worked? What didn't? How will you know? Not everything you try will work ... This lesson explains how you can figure out what to keep doing and what to ditch.